Nasimi Interiors is a Kenyan-based upscale Furniture Showroom in Nairobi. We stock Urban, Industrial and Exotic Furniture from Home to Office and Accessories.
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About Us

Nasimi Interiors, Urban Exotic Furniture

Our Vision

To become the number one showroom in Africa

Our Mission

To ensure we satisfy our clients by providing the best service, high quality and unique products.

What We offer

Urban, Industrial and Exotic Furniture Accessories

High quality products

Wide variety

Authentic materials

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About Us

Nasimi Interiors is Kenyan-based upscale Furniture store/Showroom in Nairobi, offering Unique, Industrial & Exotic Urban Furniture, we are happy to fulfill the need of our clients to have extra-ordinary items.

The increased mobility of a variety of cultures has led to a mixed market with good taste. Global customers can no longer be classified.  Their plural needs are not singular offerings. Fusion is sought in food, music and fashion. Nasimi brings fusion to home decor

Please visit us and be amazed with our Fusion inspired Fashion Showroom. Our wide variety ensures that every taste is catered for.

Design Services

If you are looking for your next redesign, we offer top class interior design services and advice.

Our Leather Products:

Our leather furniture collections are Hand Made that encapsulates both classic vintage and modern design from 100% Top Grain Cow Leather, with Hard Wood frame which strengthens the furniture to give it a long life.

Fabric Sofa Collection:

We offer different range of high-end modern and contemporary comfortable Sofas which consists of feathers and foam inserts and have luxurious materials including linen, velvet and other top quality  materials. They consists of removable and non-removable covers. Due to the feathers inside, lifetime of the sofas are longer and does not have a tendency of sinking in/collapsing. The frames are all hard wood thus longevity.

Accessories and Wall Art:

Fusion-Industrial-Exotic-Urban-Modern-Contemporary-Earthy-Chic-Unique-Quality-Luxurious Accessories and Wall Art! Visit us and be Inspired…

Dining and Coffee Tables:

Fashion inspired Dining and Living Rooms with a mesmerizing atmosphere  to give your loved ones an adventure to discover the unknown while having Dinner! Our Dining and Coffee tables are all hardwood, reclaimed, contemporary and sometimes modern.